March 28th, 2017


Following the showing of the game at PAX East, there was a bit of a realization as I posted the initial trailer i had been working on. Namely, based on the feedback from the event in combination with the feedback online, I realized really all the game had going for it at the moment was game-play. From those who actually played the game at PAX, the response was in general very optimistic and many players enjoyed it to the point they came back multiple days to play. There were of course general criticisms, from character design to general feel of the game and those will be taken into consideration moving forward in development, but again it was the game-play, not really the animations themselves or the character's art particularly. So, using that as the base I'd like to show as much quality game-play as possible and as soon as possible get an alpha build into your hands so you can get a hands on impression of the game in order to well "kick-start" the general support for the game.

When will we see some game-play?

Taking into consideration the feedback initially given on the game, there have been some animation passes to improve the animations and make them feel a lot snappier, add visual indicators and center of body hitboxes for moves that look like they should hit. This all leading up so you can get an idea of how the game will look in it's initial alpha/beta state. The reason I haven't posted anything yet is mainly due to being the sole developer. In order to record quality game-play I could simply just have me playing against the AI I programmed and showing off cool combos, but that really doesn't give you the full impression of the defensive options in the game nor the strengths of the character being combo'd. Not to mention, since I programmed the behavior I can pretty much predict what the bot will do at any given moment, making for extremely one sided fights. So this weekend I'm having a playtest session with some colleges who are about the same skill as I was (in SSBM). And that will give you a clearer picture on how exactly character will play at a medium level. So that will likely be coming this weekend and I look forward to showing off some intense game-play.


I've always liked the idea of alternate weather effects on maps in game. Usually when most triple A games come out now, there are always requests in the community for "wouldn't this be awesome if [___] had a night map?" Followed by a mock-up or piece of artwork for that map some of the time. So as an option (to not hurt competitive integrity) you will be able to select alternative weather modes for each map where appropriate. So the Colosseum for example will have it's default day mode, a night mode and a thunderstorm/overcast mode. Steps will of course be taken to optimize these options such that there is no noticeable FPS issues when switching between map versions. To see how some will look, check out the "Stages" tab over in the learn more section.

As always thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing more about the game in the near future, keep an eye out!

March 16th, 2017

The very first blog post, we'll try to use these for more official announcements, if you'd like to keep up to date with daily changes and improvements to the game, follow the twitter @MeleeMasters. There you will see posts relating to the day to day improvements such as character implementations, features fixed or finished, ect.

Gameplay videos should be coming soon, along with more details on mechanics, stages filled in, keep an eye out!

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