A free spirit. Anemos was Zelos's invarnation of her own spirint into physical form. Anemos enjoys the playfulness of this world, with her silly expressions and micheivous nature, Anemos enjoys toying with her enemies, often taunting them to their own demise.


Anemos has the ability to hover. While hovering, she can can't any aerial attack or special attack. This is done by holding down the jump button and holding down on the main control stick.


Mini Vortex

Anemos creates a swirling vortex a short distance from her body. This can be angled up or down by pressing upwards or downwards on the control stick after activating the move. This move's hitbox pulls enemies towards Anemos.


Devestating Spiral

Anemos aims a vicious spiral downwards. Dealing a large amount of consecutive hits. This move has an internal cooldown so it cannot be spammed relentlessly


Concussion Blast

Anemos pull inward before releasing a powerup wave outwards. Can only be cast from the air and the hitbox only activates if you remain in the air.



Anemos does a quick loop followed by a swift rise, Anemos can act once the rise finishes, the loop itself has a hitbox on Anemos's head.


Anemos's ultimate is Votrex, Anemos creates a massive vortex which constantly sucks enemies inwards and deals damage constantly. While not doing much knockback, this move can be used to tack on a lot of damage and if timed right, deliver a killing blow just as it ends.

Anemos has a strong aresenal of aerial attacks and aerial specials. Her best use is by using her hover mechanic which allows her to cast aerial attacks very close to the ground. More specifically, by pressuring opponents with low aerials and proper use of her side and down special, you can usually force an opponent out of shield or to move backwards. This gives Anemos very good stage pressure. While Anemos does lack a grab, try to read opponents shield patterns, this way if you catch them shielding you can punish with a well placed Devestating Spiral to crack their shield. Anemos is also deadly when edge-guarding. With her down aerial attack being a spike, the ability to hover and her fantastic recovery, try to get your opponents off stage early and finish them off by hampering their recovery.