Master of the Bow, Athena is a fast, fluid archer given the enchanted bow by the goddess Zelos herself. Athena never chose to, or had any aspirations of becoming the Master of the Bow, however she had this fate thrust upon her after a long confrontation between her people and Typhon's warrior, she took up a bow and fought back the onslought of vicious incarnations. Upon seeing this skill, Zelos created the wind bow for her to use. So Athena reluctantly took up the mantle and continues to dispassionatly protect her people from the incarnations of the Gods that would do them harm.

Swift Rise

Athena has a special double jump. She dips low before slowly gaining speed upwards. Athena can perform an aerial attack at any point to cancel the momentum allowing for extremely varied heights when performing aerial approaches.


Spiral Shot

Athena sends out a slow blue arrow. This arrow is fully controlable by Athena while it is in flight. The arrow itself also has a reverse hitbox, pulling enemies the reverse direction from the point of impact


Charge Shot

Athena fires an arrow downward, this arrow does not stop until it hits the ground. Once it impacts the ground, a charge is activated, signified by a glowing yellow orb. If any enemies walks into the trigger radius of this arrow, it detonates, popping them upwards. Athena can also re-use her Down Special while within the trigger radius to "Arrow Jump" off her own Charge Shot.


Quick Shot

Athena draws a chargable arrow. After letting go of the special button or when this arrow is fully charged, it unleashes a quick arrow forwards.


Zelos's Height

Athena aims her bow upwards, firing a directed explosive arrow upwards. After a set time the arrow detonates pulling Athena upwards. The strength of this pull is based on how far away Athena is from the arrow when it detonates.


Athena flourishes her body, enchanting her with Zelos's Gift. While active, Athena can double jump indefinitely. Additionally, Zelos's Gift also gives her arrows more power

Athena specializes in zone control. With a flurry of arrows and the ability to set up denial zones with her Charged Shot, Athena can funnel enemies to certain locations on the stage and capitalize with her quick tilt and aerial attacks. Athena is also extremely mobile in the air and by utilizing this agility along with her reverse hitboxes, she can combo enemies from a distance. Alternatively, use thse hitboxes to pull enemies towards her for quick follow-up smash attacks.