Master of the Spear, Nyxa is the queen of the Glauci. After nearly defeating Ajax's incarnation single-handedly, Thalassa, Mother of the Oceans, granted Nyxa her enchanted spear to finish off the Ajax flame incarnation. With her strong stance and confident stride, Nyxa is a force that even some of the Gods fear. A natural-born leader with the skill and determination to restore power to her the Glauci.

Ice Stacks

Hitting enemies with the tip of Nyxa's spear applies Ice Stacks. Players can have a maximum of 3 stacks on them. Getting hit by the spear tip at 3 stacks refreshes the internal timer before they wear off (15 seconds). Nyxa can activate these stacks by using her Down Special.


Spear Charge

Nyxa begins charging a lunge. upon releasing or reaching max duration, Nyxa flyies sideways until getting near an enemy or once her full charge is used, unleashing a spinning slash attack. Nyxa can also jump at any point during the charge or move to cancel this attack.



Nyxa empowers her spear, freezing all enemies with 3 Ice Stacks on them. Ice stacks are generated by hitting enemies with the tip of athena's spear. Frozen enemies are locked in place, unable to act for a short period, if attacked or the duration runs out, the cube break and the character regains their previous speed before being frozen.


Ice Lance

Nyxa swings her spear upwards, creating an icey projectile that slowly moves in the direction she's facing. This projectile pierces enemies


Spiral Slash

Nyxa spins rapidly upwards, pulling enemies up with her before unleashing a final slash at the top.


Nyxa channels the power of her spear to give hehr three throwable Ice Spears. By pressing the ultimate button again, Nyxa throws an enchanted spear, removing one charge. If this spear impact's a player, they are locked into a frozen cube for a short duration, this freeze functions fundamentally the same as Nyxa's Down Special. If all spears are not used before the duration runs out they cannot be used until the next time Nyxa user her Ultimate.

Nyxa has very large disjointed hitboxes, making her ideal for dealing with enemies at a short distance. An important key to Nyxa's play-style is spacing. By spacing moves properly, you apply stacks from the tip of Nyxa spear, allowing you to activate her down special Freeze for devestating combos. She is also very quick and engaging and disengaging with her cancelable Spear Charge and quick tilts.