A gentle giant, Quake is the incarnation of the god Hestia. Quake used to live in harmony with the humanoids of this world, until they began abusing their powers to destroy nature. Protector of nature, and Master of Earth, Quake set out to stop those who would abuse their powers and destroy the earth.

Stone Armor

All of Quake's smash attacks grant him a layer of super armor. This armor means if Quake is attacked, he will take the damage from the attack, but no knockback and will not be stunned or have his moves canceled. His Down Special also provides a layer of super armor. This armor disipates after the attack finishes.


Rock Toss

Quake Summons a small stone from the nearest piece of ground, flinging it in an upwards arc through the air. If the player moves the control stick quickly enough, Quake uses more power on this summon and sends the rock further. This rock cannot hit Quake.


Seismic Slam

Quake flings his body downwards towards the ground. Once he impacts the ground, he summons two small pillars at his sides, knocking enemies upwards with great force. Quake also gains 1 layer of super-armor during this attack.


Rock Pull

Quake Summons a rock and controls it near his body. While quake has a rock, he still has access to all his ground attacks, but has his aerials replaced with a directional rock throw. By doing an aerial attack, Quake throws the rock in that direction. AFter impacting the ground, the rock stops and can be hit again by any player, moveing with a similar angle to that of the attack's normal knockback.


Mountain's Rise

Quake hunders down into a ball to use his power on himself, lifting himself upwards. Quake maintains control of his horizontal speed in this state.


Quake unleashes a massive earthquake, locking those on or near the ground in place for 4 seconds. This can be blocked/parried or dodged

Quake is the largest character in Melee Masters. Due to his impressive size and strength, he is relatively slow. By using his arsenal of spacing moves and rock formations, you can zone people into a more comfortable position. If enemies get to close, Use Quake's Super-Armor moves such as Down Smash or Down Special in order to get some space for yourself. Approach with a flurry of hurling rocks to force your enemies into particular positions, then follow up with his powerful forward or down aerial attacks.