Not much is known about this mysterious incarnations. Spawned by the god Aion, Surge has no face, no mouth, no eyes or ears. His motivations are unclear, but what is clear, is his wrath and power to destroy those who oppose him.


Surge is the fastest character in the game. All of his specials with the exception of Charge are cancelable in some way. You can cancel his Down Special by jumping, his Side Special, Jolt, by pressing the shield button before landing (only works on aerial Jolts), and his up special can be acted out of immediately. He also has the fastest run speed in the game.



Surge fires a quick projectile in a straight line, can be performed in the air or on the ground. Can be L-Canceled to have 0 frames of landing lag



Surge discharges his internal energy, creating a small burst around his body that damaged and send enemies upwards based on their relative angle to the blast. Surge can jump instantly out of this move.



Surge performs a long charge to store his energy. This charge lasts for 30 seconds. Once charged, Surge's forward Air Attack and upwards Power Attack to deal devestating damage and knockback


Lightning Dash

Surge turns into pure energy. After a short delay, Surge travels at a set speed in a direction given by the left control stick. This move has no active hitbox, but has no delay upon completion, allowing immediate attacks. Touching the ground at any point during the move resets the ability to use it.


Surge's Ultimate unleashes his true power. Upon landing any attack, surge can instantly act again, allowing for inescapable quick combos that require an enormous amount of skill to pull off.

Surge is the embodiment of lightning, with some of the fastest moves and general movement in the game, surge excels at quick combos and follow-up off of knock-downs. While surge lack's killing moves, you can quickly rack up damaged using his discharge and up air to juggle your opponent overhead. Additionally, to avoid enemy ultimate or move around the stage more quickly, with clever use of Surge's Up Special, you can reset the ability to use the move by simply touching the ground. This allows you to do 2 or 3 consecutive jumps to really toy with your opponent or chase them down in the air. Surge's Neutral Special, Charge, Should be used in between stocks or after knocking the enemy far away. Once charged, Surge's has access to more kill moves than before so although risky, a charged up Surge is something to fear. overwhelm your opponent with a flurry of ground attacks during Surge's ultimate to break their shield, or force them off the ground. With his limited reach, Surge does poorly against ranged characters, use his excellent speed and mechanics to close the gap and pressure your opponents.