Corrupted by Eos, God of change and magic, Umbri is a mysterious creature. Originally Umbri was a single individual, imbued with the power of Eos. But Umbri began to reject him, using her power to fight against his greed and corruption. As punishment, Eos tried to take away Umbri's power, seperating her soul and her body into two forms. The soul remains motionless and the body left scared and deformed. Her mouth sewn shut and her arm ripped off, Umbri exists now as two entities, a soul and a body, with the ability to switch between the two but never combine again.

Two Worlds

Umbri has a clone of herself that she fights with. This clone can be controlled by Umbri's special abilities. The clone takes no knockback and transfers 50% of damage taken to the main character. the "main character" is whichever Umbri is actively moving.


Shadow Shift

Umbri shifts in thet direction of the control stick, shifting her clone in the opposite direction. Umbri can act out of this shift, canceling the movement and performing an attack instantly.


Shadow Rise

Umbri flings herself downwards, raising her clone in response. Similar to Shadow Shift, Umbri can act out of this move, canceling the movement and attacking instantly.



Umbri Swaps control to her clone. For all purposes, this clone functions identical to Umbri in every regard. The immobile clone transfers 50% damage to the main character. Swap can be activated at any time Umbri is not stunned or grabbed.


Shadow Fall

Umbri flaps her massive wings and flings herself upwards, but at the expense of her clone which is thrust downwards. Similar to both Shadow Rise and Shadow Shift, this move can be acted out of instantly, canceling the moment.


Umbri set herself free from her worldly attachment, gaining the shadow form of her clone and allowing her to control the clone simultaneous as herself.

Umbri essentially has access to two characters, but in order to user her to her fullest potential, you need to treat them as a single character. By making use of her swap mechanics, you can "parry" moves by tanking them with the clone, taking damage but no knockback, then swapping back and punishing your attacker. Umbri can also approach with her clone by starting an attack and swapping. Leaving the clone prepared to hit an enemy on a moments notice. Try to manipulate your enemy into the attack of your clone and capitalize with a well timed swap. This is also a double edge's sword, you must use your Shadow Shifts to protect your clone some character's ultimate and movesets can rack up a ton of damage quickly if you get too focused on a single character.