Melee Masters is an easy to pick up, fun to play, hard to master platform fighting game. With its cross between a classical era theme and elemental incarnations, there are a wide variety of characters to choose and enjoy. Each character when played should feel unique, this isn't to say that skills between character will not transfer over, however all character have some aspect to their moveset and special abilities that will really allow people to dig in to the specifics of their favorite characters. Where Melee Masters really stands out is it's character's play-styles Which can do things from switching up the short ranged slow hard hitting character archetype, to a ranged one. Alternatively, Umbri and her clone whom the player can swap control of at will, overwhelming your opponent with a barrage of attacks. Stages will also play a unique role. In combination with the platform mechanics of the game, platforms in general will favor some characters more than others. Similarly, stages with close and far elimination-zones will offer benefits to heavy characters over lighter characters which can be KO's much easier. As for specific mechanics, based on the game's inspiration, using the directional airdodge system allows for a lot of smooth control over position when used at the right height above the ground. the official lore is still in the works and will be released alongside with the characters themselves.

Listeing of current stages, to be updated soon. Most maps will also feature a night version! More to come as models get finished.

  • When will the Alpha be available?
  • A bare bones alpha will be available in likely 2-4 weeks. Along with it there will be a refined Kickstarter or some other term of funding support. This will function essentially the inverse of early access on steam, instead of paying for an early build of the game and then not liking it. you will get to play the game with basic features (i.e: no online play, extra game modes ect) and then if you enjoyed it, you can choose to support the game in order to improve it. There will be in place areas for feedback to be read and addressed.

  • Where will the funds go?
  • The vast majority of the funds will go towards hiring and commissioning animators in order to improve the animations, as those area very critical aspects to the FEEL of the game and how characters will perform. that along with sound design and general art improvements.

  • How big is the dev team?
  • Not counting commissioned artists and sound, there is only a single developer doing all of the programming, design and implementation. With support this will change in the future.

  • What Platforms will this be available for?
  • For now, until we can hire additional people to help with the game, PC will be the main concern. developing for the Xbox One and PS4 is definitely on the radar though. The game is built in Unity, which implicitly has the ability to build for numerous platforms.

  • What makes this different than just regular melee besides being just PC? (or other smash-style games)
  • Although we've taken steps to accurately re-produce the magic that is SSBM, we've taken our own steps to add elements to the game and simplify others to change the average level of play in a more fun, movement heavy direction. The pivot system is the most notable change, In SSBM when you want to turn around, you need to pivot, this places you in an unmovable movement state for a few frames, after which you will begin walking. Tapping the control stick hard in the same direction again will skip this and allow you to start moving immediately (Assuming you were standing still when we started).

    In Melee Masters, there is no pivot system, if you want your character to turn around, pressing the controller in the opposite direction you are facing you will instantly turn around. this means the basic ground movements are generally less intensive, allowing players to dive deeper into the harder mechanics of the game and master those. The sensitivity or "deadzone" of the controls sticks is a configuration option that will allow you to turn around and not more if the default sensitivity leads you to turn around and move a bit before using moves.

  • Well if you removed technical movement doesn't that just make the game easier and have less depth?
  • In the general sense yes it would if we had not added more mechanics in other areas to compensate. Read over the mechanics section in order to better understand how we've made changes in other areas.